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    Yes so the way I work around this is to set float = bulk which is high voltage(28.2) but once the battery is full, I don't want it to sit at that high voltage, I want to bring it back to 27.2v and would like to automate that which is why I was asking. I hope that answers the question of Andyk72

    If you make the feeds public then it will be public on the dashboard. You can add an x factor of appropriate figure to the millvolts input as attached

    So i have noticed that solpiplog connection to mqtt stops after some period until I have to disable and re-enable mqtt on solpiplog before it continues again. I am using version 2.4 pre-release

    mqtt is disconnecting due to the bugy version you are using. I'm on your machine testing a new version with the implemented status versions of eco, and bmv. strugling with the rs232 connection ... stay tutune

    Yeah I noticed you are on rs232 is particularly problematic unfortunately I can only use rs232 for now which is the only port supported by the axpert clone am using temporarily until I get my 3024GK back online which has a USB option.

    It seem what is sent to emoncms is different from what is displayed on the solpiplog BMV interface. I am trying to determine which of the input is for charge cycles in the emoncms

    bmv values sent

    need a few more ?

    no charge cycles implemented.

    Am using BMV 712 if you look at the screenshot I sent you see that it's about 15 inputs already which is more than what is on the solpiplog log page you referenced and the order is different as well... And yes I like to pull the cycle count as it exist on BMV 712

    When you connect your inverter to solpiplog, the internet should turn green


    I run LFP batteries and i get early float at times. I was wondering whether profile1 and profile 2 on the solpiplog settings can be used to update the float voltage? else whats the use of the profiles?


    i got a user that is using the profiles to let bulk = float so that the batteries got charged. Its a know bug on the PIP that it interrupts the loading to early.

    If I set same bulk and float to 27.6v for instance, it means that my battery may become 100% charged and I don't want that.

    Please what are the profile 1 and 2 on the solpiplog for?