Strahlung Daten

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    I'm building a program that models the performance of photovoltaik systems. The program requires the standard user inputs - cost, size, orientation and location. It also requires weather data. Currently I'm using the files found here to model sites in the US.

    These files are comma separated files (csv) that open in excel and are easy to work with. I'm looking for similarly formatted data for Europe (Germany especially) and elsewhere so I can model these locations. I realize there are services that offer this data for a fee but I'm looking for free data. Does anyone know of such a resource?

    Ich baue ein Programm, das Modelle die Leistung der Photovoltaikanlage. Das Programm benötigt die Standard-Benutzer-Eingänge - Kosten, Größe, Ausrichtung und Lage. Es erfordert auch Wetterdaten. Derzeit bin ich mit den gefundenen Dateien hier, um Modell-Websites in den USA.

    Diese Dateien werden durch Komma getrennt Dateien (csv), die in Excel öffnen und sind einfach zu handhaben. Ich interessiere mich für ähnlich formatierten Daten für Europa (insbesondere Deutschland) und anderswo, so kann ich diesen Standorten Modell suchen. Ich weiß, es sind Dienstleistungen, die diese Daten gegen eine Gebühr anbieten, aber ich bin für freien Daten suchen. Kennt jemand eine solche Ressource?

  • Look at this: , e.g. the spreadsheet-link under 'Spreadsheet-data' or further on the global irradiation-links under GIS-data.
    There you can find the solar radiation data (mainly from the dataset of the former PVGIS-version No. 3) used by the JRC for the current (till 09/2010) PVGIS-Application.
    Meanwhile (autumn 2010) the JRC offers a newer version (No. 4), based on PVGIS-CMSAF, but therefor I'm not able to offer an url for a corresponding csv.

  • Thanks for the replies. The sites are interesting but I've only been able to find one data file between all my searching - A tsv file that covers Paris. This type of file would be perfect if I could only get another 99 locations around Europe. It seems like there should be one great big zip file that would contain the data but I haven't been able to find such a file yet. Not saying the files aren't on the sites - just that I can't find them.