Monitoring Pylontech batteries via WiFi

  • Hi Irek, I looove your project, I tried with my 2 batteries but I can't read from them, Do you know how to get access batteries via console.... ?

    I have the 3-wire cable well done, I connect with putty or termite using the cable to the COM1 port of my PC to 1200 Bd N8 1 but the only answer I get is :


    Any idea or sugestion ?

    Thanks in advance

  • Finally I have got it, I use an easy way to read the data from the battery pylontech us2000B, via wifi through the console port, using one of these adapters (Elfin EW10), they are cheap, costs about 10€ and also is very simple to configure, in addition no complex program or app is required to read, you colud use putty, kitty or termius on mobile or tablet alone you can connect and read, I post some images.

  • Hi Irekz,

    Nice Project and works fine after fighting a little bit with the max3232 and Arduion.

    A few Points which I have found and it helps maybe others to find failures.

    The cable all other information can be found in the link below.

    Pylontech US2000B: Daten, Protokolle, Programme

    1. I have checked the cabled and connected my laptop to the pylontech using commix.exe and I have send the hex commands at 1200 baud and changed to 115000 baud, everything works and the battery responded with the prompt

    Problem: I didn't connected the GND and it was not possible to get a connection, GND is required

    2. I've programmed a D1 Mini Pro with your software (changed WIFI settings for my network) and used a SMD MAX3232 to convert RS232 to TTL and I connected a RS232 plug to it.

    a.) The Software on the D1 Mini Pro connected to my network and I was able to see the Website

    b.) The output was always ????

    I.) The first MAX3232 was DOA and the D1 Mini Pro was not correct programmed.

    II.) I have connected the D1 Mini to my PC using a Serial to USB cable, Rx and Tx need to be crossed on the RS232 MAX3232 side when it's connected to a PC, using the commix.exe to check the communication with 1200 baud and with 115000 baud.

    The D1 Mini send something with SDK,... Arduino,... "the command to enter 1200 baud" ....Lib.. something else

    I have installed Arduino 1.8.10 and changed from D1 Mini to D1 Mini Pro >> solved the Hex command are now correct.

    III.) Swapped Rx and Tx and connected the D1 Mini Pro to the Battery.... WORKS...