Solar irradiance data from weather station

  • Hey guys,

    I am masters student doing thesis work in yield comparison between different solar glass coatings. I have loggers placed at two sites in Saudia Arabia where I am getting the data from.

    To calculate some performance parameters, I require hourly solar irradiance data from weather stations on those sites.

    Does someone know an online source where I can get such data for free?

    Thanks and best regards,

    Ammar A. Qureshi

  • For a simple comparison you don't need the data from a weather station.

    If you want to compare your data to the irradiance in situ you should install an irradiance sensor/meter .

    Can you give a little bit more input concerning your experiment?

  • Thank you for your reply.

    Ideally yes, there should have been an irradiance sensor along with the electrical and other environmental sensors but since I dont have them, I am looking for an online source for irradiance data which can provide atleast hourly data on each data.

    My system records Isc (short-circuit current) from each modules and from that i have the daily absolute difference in yield between different coatings but each day/instant has somewhat different irradiance level and the difference in yield is directly proportional to real time illumination of the modules. I want to correct this difference in yields w.r.t. the illumination by normalizing it with the average irradiance during the focused time interval of my analysis.

    Feel free to ask, if any further clarifications are required.