Instalação Island 6.0H 11

  • Good afternoon.

    I recently purchased a SMA Island 6.0H 11 and wanted some feedback if I could.

    Thank you in advance.

    My current system:

    -Battery battery 440ah;

    -Installation Island 6.0H 11;


    -Construct MPL makebluesky at 48v with 8 * 270w rec twinpeak;

    -Fronius ig30 with 6 * 270w in nickels;

    -2 micro-inverters with 4 * 270w Canadian;

    - 1 Grid-tie Inverter SUN-2000GTIL2-LCD

    SMA sunnyboy Island is not configured yet.

    Although the Chinaman even performed very well to date (easily makes the promise), I bought the SMA because it seemed like a good opportunity. If I were to do it later, "I went head-on" ...

    What is my deity .....

    The idea goes through an investor capable of withstanding most of the consumption of the house (there is sun!) And that allows to have energy when the network fails ... The "chinoca" does not do that.

    Before this acquisition, I even came to think of a Victron (the latest multiplus version of 3000). I got to pass cable and set up a proper circuit for the "loads rescued" and everything in case of power failure. Time, with this investor I do not have that possibility, but neither will be precise, because everything passes through it and will have enough power for the loads of the house.


    Setting offgrid or Ongrid or others?

    I've read enough, but I feel kind of lost ....

    The idea of having battery power in the situation of failure of the network, must go through an off-grid configuration or is it possible with on-grid as well?

    I will pass 2 cables into the inverter Ac1 and Ac2: one for the generator (it may be the network) and another the loads and sunnyboys (I do not have it yet, but I am aware of the advantages to have).

    I read of the possibility of a contactor between the generator and the Island, because of the generator (which in my case would be the network). It is necessary? Is it mandatory for the system to work? If so, what type?

    Note: I would like you to speak about the advantages / disadvantages / possibilities to take advantage of the material I have (especially the mppt, fronius and micro-investors) instead of betting on a sunnyboy.

    If you tell me, by your experiences that it is better to sell everything and buy everything SMA will also be the way forward.

    Thank you

  • investors : investments or inverters ?

    Battery : 12 V * 440 Ah ≈ 5.280 kWh

    or 48 V * 440 Ah ≈ 20 kWh ?

    Fronius IG30 : Attached to a Nickel(Cd, MH) Battery of which Amp-hours and Voltage ?

    Self made and constructed Blue Sky PWM/MPPT 48v for charging a Battery ?

    SRC : SMA Sunny Remote Control ?

    Inverter : Huawei SUN 2000L-2 KTL


    Otherwise , I can not help you directly , but will educate myself on that matter .

    Good Luck ! would be a ressource to look into , too ,

    but responses there need patience .

  • investors: investments or inverters? INVERTERS


    1 Lipo4 BATTERY BANK CONSTUDED FOR TWO 2 * 16 220ah cells connected in parallel (total 32 cells * 220ah), +-22kw

    Fronius IG30 is a network iverssor

    MPPT 48v controller for charging a Battery? yea

    the idea would be to load the island and the mppt (solar mppt regulator), but it would be better for the

    SRC: SMA Sunny Remote Control?

    GTW 2000wifi


    Otherwise, I will not help you directly, but will educate myself on that matter.

    Good Luck! would be a resource to look into, too,

    but answers there need patience

  • Some random thoughts of mine :

    You are theoretically able to create a 3-fase island by

    the Fronius iG30 on the first fase ,

    the two micro-inverters to feed into the second fase ,

    and the

    Masspower Alibaba Chinaman , which is some solar 2kVA 1 fase inverter ,

    of which there is no download of a datasheet available .

    It took me some google search , to find that inverter .…TIL2-LCD/32627640679.html

    Or the 1kVA version :


    The input DC-Voltage range is 45-90 Vdc , and no Amps available ....

    My personal guess is , that it would be simpler to use a 3-fase

    grid-tied inverter , like some 5kVA STP 5.0 , or Fronius Symo Hybrid

    to create a 3-phase AC circuit .

    A Hybrid grid-tied inverter supports a battery , that would feed into one fase .

    Two more battery banks might need to be installed , and one

    could feed 1 fase by the Sunny Island , and the Blue Sky CC could feed

    that battery bank .

    Than it would need a third battery to supply the third fase .

    Looking at the data sheet of the Sunny Island 6.0h , there are two options

    available : On-Grid to feed into one fase ,

    and Off-Grid to feed into three fases

    using 3 Sunny Island -- one for each fase .

    Switches and fuses and circuit breakers need to be organized by third-party

    hardware .

  • I do not know if I understand ...

    At this point I already have the SMA island 6.0h 11 work with two different power sources to enter the battery bank: 1-micro-inverters and Fronius with grid inverters to produce the energy with which the SI charges the batteries (AC / DC) and a controller to be charged from the outside (DC / DC). I already realized that it is not the best idea to have two types of charge to enter the Batteries, because the SI gets confused in relation to the Calculation of SOC and turns off when there is still a lot of energy in the batteries.

    I'll end up having to get a sunnyboy to play well with my sland and void the mppt driver. It will be simpler ..... I think!


    At the system level, I am oriented towards Off-grid with the help of the generator (which will be the grid) to fill the days without sun ... Advice / care?

    Does anyone here use contactors to turn the generator on (grid wletrica no) SI 6.0?

    Vantages / disadvantages of using the grid as a generator?

    Another question does your SI make SOC correct? I can not find the parameter so that it sets the SOC.

  • Are the Battery Banks connected to each other in parallel ?

    Parallel wiring will usually lead to uneven discharging and charging ,

    because the values of Voltage are in between both banks .

    This may lead to one bank being overcharged and the other bank

    undercharged , but their values would suggest to any charger ,

    that the whole system has reached the voltage to achieve .

  • Entschuldigung, einige Zeit ist vergangen ...

    Ihre Antwort war mir nicht aufgefallen

    sind 2 Bänke parallel (16 + 16 Zellen)

    Ich konnte jedoch alles in meiner 6.0h 11-Konfiguration verschieben ... aber nicht genug, um zufrieden zu sein ...

    Ich konnte die Batterien nicht über das Netz oder den Generator aufladen, wenn die Batterien unter einem Pegel liegen, den ich für den Anschluss an das Netz oder den Generator gut eingestellt habe.

    Ich habe die Grundeinstellung erfolgreich durchgeführt. Viele Dinge funktionieren gut, aber ich konnte einige Parameter noch nicht treffen

    Kann jemand aus dem Forum Parameterwerte für den Off-Grid-Betrieb angeben?

    Wenn es sich um eine Grid / Generator-Einstellung handelt, wäre dies perfekt.

    Ich habe das erste Setup mit einem geliehenen SRC gemacht, aber jetzt habe ich bereits Speedwaire und wurde von Sunny Explorer verbunden. Gibt es Kompatibilitätsprobleme?

    Anscheinend kann ich alle Änderungen vornehmen, aber der Generator / das Netz schaltet sich nicht ein, wenn der Soc-Pegel der Batterien danach verlangt.

    Jemand zu helfen, bitte.