Thermo-hydraulic tracking & easy concentration

  • Hello everybody
    I'll do the sake of clarity, a new Tread on as these questions but grab more than in the where I wrote this as a post

    Thermo-hydraulic tracking does not mean that you do not need electronics and electrical energy for tracking
    So simply said left and right 2 absorber surfaces each heat a medium and if pressure equal, ie both absorbers get the same heat, the thing stands still, so exactly in the middle of the sun (if no oven lings or right)
    Or is this technology called different?

    who knows who produces so Dinger
    so ala vertical tilt on a turntable and turn thermo-hydraulic turntable
    So preferably the horizontal Thermohydraulisch and the vertical electric
    Firstly, I can take the panel out of the wind and secondly, the vertical but a lot easier to follow than the horizontal
    or both thermally but by a whole unit horizontally fold down so that it is just above the table
    (should come on my NordGaube and of course equipped with the most efficient modules if necessary even concentrator modules but I still find net for the normal mortal, if it makes sense then)

    one more question about my fix installed modules on the south side
    makes a V-trough concentrator sense to the vertical to compensate for the acceptance angle is yes at 60 degrees which would offer us in Switzerland at 25 ca in the summer to 73 in the winter yes
    also a short technical question about the solar cells the power is perpendicular to the highest is because at a deviation, the perpendicular to the sun surface is smaller or angular rays are converted inefficient
    So stupid asked for a V-trough system is exactly the same as a tracking (the Absorb and reflection losses in the mirror times omitted)
    Concentration is so well liked by the module manufacturers net but that is because of the heat development or
    since I want to dissipate this eh by PC water cooling should not be a problem
    please at first no discussion about the costs it is about the technical possibility (meaningfulness)