How to find and view your PV system on SUNNY PLACES?

  • How to find and view your PV system on SUNNY PLACES?

    *this post will be soon also published in German.

    Some of our customers, who want to benefit from our free services on Sunny Places, might wonder why can't they see their systems on Sunny Places as they do on Sunny Portal!

    In this short article, we will guide you through few steps, how to view your system on Sunny Places and make use of all the monitoring, comparision and sharing features that are offered only on Sunny Places.

    1) Make sure your system is already on Sunny Portal.

    Do you have an account on Sunny Portal where you can view your system? or you have got invited by your installer to view your system on Sunny Places?

    *if Yes, proceed, if, No: you need to register your system first at or ask your installer to register it and invite you as a user on Sunny Places.

    2) Simply link your Places account to your Portal account.

    *If you were not invited from your installer to Sunny Places but can access your system on Sunny Portal.

    1- from Homepage, click on "Assign a PV System from Sunny Portal"

    2- a pop-up window will appear, where you have to give in your Sunny Portal login data; email address and password.

    3- If you entered the data correctly, you should instantly see your system directly on Sunny Places.

    4- at some cases you may need to retry to login to your system by using the "settings" menu, and choosing "List of PV systmes", then if you are not connected to your PV system, you may try to "Relogin to list of PV sytems"

    * You do not need to go through this process if you have been invited to Sunny Places by your system Admin or installer who has already assigned you as a representative to the system.

    3) Authorize your system to be viewed on Sunny Places.

    What could be the problem?

    During system installation, the admin may configure the system to allow or prevent viewing it on Sunny Places.

    How to fix that?

    Login to your Sunny Portal account:…ServicePlantOverview.aspx

    On the side menu: Select "Configuration" then "PV System properties", on the top bar, click on "Data Releases" Tab, then "Edit", tick the mark to authorize Sunny Places and save!

    Now login back to your Sunny Places account, relink it to Sunny Portal, you shall see your system now!

    If it still didn't work for you, feel free to ask us here :) We will do our best to help you on it.

    Best Wishes,
    Your SMA Sunny Places Team