need help with PVM inverter

  • Hello,

    I'm quite new here. I'm sorry I couldn't write in german but you could answer even in german and I'll try to use translator.
    Please, I need some help with arranging the PV strings for my inverter.

    Currently I have one Sinvert PVM20 and 38 modules FS-275.

    may I use different voltage in different DC inputs??

  • Hi,
    you could use different voltage on the DC input, however you may end up having a considerably confused MPP tracker in the inverter. I have seen it in small scale of a east/west roof with small diiference in voltage over the day, where a current flows from one string to the other, so you are also loosing efficiency. You can see this easily with the DC current display while the inverter is not connected to AC.
    For thin film, this could possibly damage your modules imho. Not sure in general if the PVMs are allowed for thin film at all! Actually, I would doubt it, so you probably risk higher degradation with that, too.


  • Well, thank you very much Michael!

    I will try and test with strings of 8 panels. total 4 strings.
    I thought to use 3 strings of 8 and 2 strings of 7 panels.

    Kind regards,