Nissan Leaf battery in an Sunny Island setup.

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    I am from Norway, so exuce me for writing in english.

    Attached is some pictures of my project of rebouilding an Nissan Leaf battery pack in to an 48V setup for Sunny Island.
    I allready have 8,7KWp solar setup and Home Manager.

    What kind of Sunny island to you use?

    How do you connect the bms to the sunny island?

    The Communication between the si and bms is a big Problem. Does it work?

    Can you Show use some Screenshots from your logbook(errors si) and the chargehistory from sunny Portal?



  • Thanks for your interest.
    The thing is I have not received the Sunny Island yet as I placed the order just days ago. But it is the new SI6.0H.
    I got a guarantee from Rec-BMS that the BMS has been tested successfully with CAN bus to the SI6.0H.
    And has been running at a client for 2 months now.

    I am no programmer, but I do have the whole protocol for the CAN bus from SMA.
    It’s not public information so I cannot share it here. PM me for more info.

    They even prepared a RJ-45 plug for the CAN bus so it should be just plug and play when the Inverter arrives (1-2 weeks from now).

    I will be happy to share my experience and log later on.

  • How much cost the batterystorage?

    It Would be a big buissnes in Germany.

    Do you have a link or anything it shows that the Communication was tested between the Sunny island 6.0h and rec bms?

  • Hi

    I´m really interested in your project.
    Can you please give us a cost calculation of the whole equipment used?
    Where have you got the battery pack?

    Please keep us up to date :D

  • Price for BMS, including display, contactor and fuse was 720 euro +VAT.
    Not bad at all.

    The battery I paid about 1500 euro, it was used and came of an wrecked Leaf.
    Of course this was probably very lucky of me as the price would normally be a lot more.

    Then there is the rack and the cabling, but I got the rack almost for free at work.
    The rack is 60X60X160 CM.

    I do not have a link or reference to someone using this system with an Sunny Island, but I feel confident these guys know what they are doing.
    I know they have applied to become “certified” by SMA as an approved BMS provider.

    This BMS can be used with a lot of different batteries and all the settings for charging can be customized.

    I might spesify that this will be an ON-GRID setup.

  • very interesting project
    whats the battery type? With the REC 9R you can connect up to 15 cells how you get 56.08 as shown on the display.
    I had take a look on the REC 9R but unfortunately the 15 cells - i like to habe 16 for 48V System

    let the sun shine