Biete: Spring sale EXPIRED: Tesla modules

  • Spring Sale. Expired

    I sell quite a few Tesla battery packs, (numbering is from successive battery packs I have traded)

    Mostly to B2B customers, boat-builders, car converters.

    Often for smaller capacity conversions these modules are purchased in multiples of 6 modules.

    A promise to my clients, all modules come from the same donor car, all modules same capacity, as these have aged together in same road life

    OK, now we have some leftovers.

    Currently waiting for TES 23 to clear from logistic pipeline

    Model X P100D 100Kwh build 7/2018 18567km's Cac 275Ah/module average

    ( we have access to Tesla database, hence we can decide what auction cars to buy)

    full pack: modules only or complete pack in battery box, as under car for an upgrade.

    €1385/module ex vat fob Obdam,

    see contact data above if interested.

    Currently waiting for Tes 24 to clear from logistic pipeline

    Model X 75D build 22/12/2017 26800kms Cac 238Ah/module average

    €1200/module ex VAT fob Obdam

    We have a MCU that will communicate with with CMU on front of Tesla modules.,

    nick named SIMPbms, max number of modules to address = 64.

    Using Tesla battery modules SIMPbms will connect to Victron inverters by CAN

    all work is open source and can be found on Github, developed by Tom de Bree, based on earlier work from Colin Kidder

    SIMPbms Manual:…entid=111607&d=1550336999

    General info on SIMPbms:…er-bms-master-198263.html

    Bare board + Teensy 3.2/(firmware for TESLA cmu's) €360 including VAT/fob Obdam.

    For the P100D 6.4Kwh modules we sell an "oem VOSS 246" connector to match the new gen radiator coupling

    ( now four connectors per module)

    when dismantling, original connectors are very fragile, break often, not advisable to re-use.

    Carel Hassink

    see Anhänge